Duracell myGrid USB Charger

Duracell myGrid USB Charger

Duracell myGrid USB Charger

Duracell introduces the new myGrid USB charger, which is basically a lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack that is compatible with Duracell’s myGrid wireless charging pad. User can recharge the USB charger by placing it onto the myGrid pad or via USB connection.

Duracell myGrid USB Charger in use

The myGrid USB Charger is designed to keep your portable devices, such as mobile phones, PMPs, e-book readers, GPS devices, Bluetooth headsets, powered. It works with any USB-powered devices. The charger offers at least four hours of extra power on smart phones such as the iPhone and latest BlackBerry models, at least 100 hours of reading on e-readers such as the KindleTM, at least 30 hours on MP3 players, and at least 10 hours on Bluetooth headsets.

The Duracell myGrid USB charger is available for $34.99.



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