iHome iDM12, iDM15 and iDM70 Portable Speakers for iPad, iPhone, iPod

iHome iD9 ipad speaker system

iHome is going to introduce its new line of portablet speaker and speaker dock systems for iPhone and iPad at the CES 2011. The iHome iDM12 is a portable Bluetooth micro soundbar speaker system for iPhone, iPod and iPad. It has a protective magnetic casing that easily detaches to serve as a stand for either portrait or landscape orientation.

iHome iDM12 portable bluetooth soundbar speaker for ipod ipad iphone

iHome iDM12

The iHome IDM15 is a portable Bluetooth speaker with built-in speakerphone. It features two little speakers, all wrapped up in a handy protective travel case that transforms into an iPad, iPhone, or netbook stand when speakers are in use and offers speakerphone capability for voice calls. Lastly, the iDM70 is a protective silicone sleeve and six-position stand for iPad with built-in stereo speakers. It is designed for iPad and features built-in rechargeable flat NXT stereo speakers.

Other than the iDM12, iDM15 and iDM70, iHome will also release iD9, iD28 and iD85.

The iHome iDM12 Bluetooth speaker for iPhone/iPod/iPad is now available at Amazon for $66.71.

iHome iDM15 portable bluetooth speaker with speakerphone

iHome iDM15

iHome iDM70 sound sleeve case for ipad with speaker

iHome iDM70

iHome iD9 ipad speaker system

iHome iD9

iHome iD28 ipad speaker system

iHome iD28

iHome iD85 ipad speaker system

iHome iD85



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