RCA DMT335R, DMT336R and DMT270R Portable TVs

RCA DMT3BR Pocket Mobile DTV Car Tuner Receiver
RCA DMT335R Hybrid Portable TV


RCA is going to introduce its new line of portable televisions with capability of receiving both Mobile DTV and standard digital TV signals. Three models will be launched, including the 3.5-inch DMT335R and DMT336R, and the 7-inch DMT270R. All of them will be showcased at the CES 2011.

RCA DMT336R Hybrid Portable TV


The RCA DMT335R and DMT336R both have a 3.5-inch LED-backlit LCD display while the DMT270R comes with a 7-inch 800×480 LCD display with 500:1 contrast ratio. They are are equipped with hybrid ATSC or Mobile DTV tuner and the DMT336R adds FM radio.

RCA DMT270R Hybrid Portable TV


The DMT336R and DMT270R both have internal Lithium Polymer battery, for up to 4 hours and 3 hours of playback, respecitvely. You can, of course, use them with AC power. All three portable TVs feature real-time signal strength indicator, closed captioning capability, easel-back stand, English/Spanish display. The 3.5-inch models have monopole antenna while the 7-inch DMT270R gets 360 degree adjustable antenna. The prices are $109 for DMT335R, $149 for DMT336R and $169 for DMT270R.

RCA DMT3BR Pocket Mobile DTV Car Tuner Receiver


RCA will also bring the DMT3BR Pocket Mobile DTV Car Tuner Receiver to the CES 2011. The $119 receiver has a discrete design that is smaller than a deck of cards. It does hybrid ATSC or Mobile DTV reception and has a monopole antenna. The DMT3BR is powered by car charger.



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