Samsung HMX-P300 and HMX-P100 Pocket Full HD Camcorder

Samsung HMX-P100 Pocket Full HD Camcorder

Samsung has two new Full HD pocket camcorders, the HMX-P300 and HMX-P100 that follows the HMX-E10. These bar-type point-and-share camcorders are ideal for those who want to upload their videos quicly and easily, thanks to the One Touch Sharing function.

Samsung HMX-P300 Pocket Full HD Camcorder

Samsung HMX-P300

The Samsung HMX-P300 features 8 Megapixel Back Side Illuminated (BSI) CMOS sensor and a 3x optical zoom lens while the HMX-P100 gets a 5 Megapixel BSI sensor and a 1x zoom lens. They record 1920×1080 video at 30gps or 1280×720 video at 60fps, both in H.264 format. The former has a 3-inch touch LCD and the latter comes with a 2.3-inch LCD display. Both pocket camcorders have face detection, Smart Auto mode, digital image stablization, HDMI output, and USB arm for PC connection. The HMX-P300 adds composite video output.

Samsung’s HMX-P300 will come in titan black, silver, white and pink and will be released in March for $199. The HMX-P100 will be available in February in black, silver, blue and pink with a price tag of $149.

Samsung HMX-P100 Pocket Full HD Camcorder

Samsung HMX-P100



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