NewerTech NuShelf Mount and Dual Mount for Mac Mini

NewerTech NuShelf Dual Mount for mac mini

NewerTech NuShelf Mount for mac mini

Newer Technology launches the new NuShelf Mount and NuShelf Dual Mount for 2010 Mac Mini and Apple Time Capsule. The NuShelf mounts are desgined to secure your Mac Mini to the bottom of your desk so as to save desktop space. They feature solid, single-piece acrylic construction and have recessed bottom that seats Mac mini securely into stand.

NewerTech NuShelf Dual Mount for mac mini

The NuShelf Mount can accomodate one Mac Mini or Time Capsule while the NuShelf Dual Mount fits two. They have open back for easy access to all the Mac mini’s ports and power button and open front for access to optical drive.

The price is $39.95 for NuShelf Mount and $44.95 for NuShelf Dual Mount. NewerTech also offers a $27.99 NuShelf mount for pre-2010 Mac mini.



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