Casio intros 8 Signature Series XJ-M Projectors with Hybrid Light Source and 3D Support

Casio intros 8 Signature Series XJ-M Projectors

Casio intros 8 Signature Series XJ-M Projectors

Along with two PRO Series and two Short-throw projectors, Casio introduces eight new Signature Series projectors – XJ-M255, XJ-M250, XJ-M245, XJ-M240, XJ-M155, XJ-M150, XJ-M145 and XJ-M140. All of them feature the Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source with 20,000 hours of life and are based on DLP display technology. The XJ-M2xx models offer 1280×800 resolution and the XJ-M1xx models have 1024×768. They all come with 1.5x optical zoom lens.

As for brightness, the XJ-M255, XJ-M250, XJ-M155 and XJ-M150 offer 3000 ANSI lumens and the XJ-M245, XJ-M240, XJ-M145 and XJ-M140 provide 2500 ANSI. While all models include DLP 3D Projector and Intelligent Brightness Control, only four models, the M255, M245, M155, M145, sport Ethernet LAN and WiFi 802.11b/g connectivity, Mobile Show support and USB ports.

These Casio Signature Series projectors provide HDMI, D-sub, composite, component and S-video inputs and built-in 5W speaker.

Casio Signature Series XJ-M Projectors Specs

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