AMD Fusion A-Series Processor Announced

AMD Fusion A-Series Processor

AMD Fusion A-Series Processor


CPU maker AMD announced its new Fusion A-Series (codenamed Llano) Accelerated Processing Units (APUs), which integrate CPU with GPU. The A-Series combines up to four x86 CPU cores with DirectX 11-capable discrete-level graphics and up to 400 Radeon cores along with dedicated HD video processing on a single chip.

The Fusion A-series features AMD’s Vision Engine that automatically helps digital content like videos, games and photos look their best, and the AMD Steady Video that stabilize videos during playback. It offers accelerated performance for HTML5 and Direct2D. You can expect advanced connection standards, including HDMI 1.4a, DisplayPort 1.1, and USB 3.0, and support for multiple monitors. The A-series is also 3D capable and supports 1600MHz DDR3 and low-power 1333MHz DDR3L memory.

Designed for notebooks, the Fusion A-series promises over 10.5 hours of battery life.

Model x86 cores L2 cache Shader cores Clock speed (base/max) GPU clock speed Radeon graphics TDP Max DDR3/DDR3L
A4-3300M Dual-core 2MB 240 1.9GHz/2.5GHz 444MHz HD 6480G 35W 1333MHz/1333MHZ
A4-3310MX Dual-core 2MB 240 2.1GHz/2.5GHz 444MHz HD 6480G 45W 1333MHz/1333MHZ
A6-3400M Quad-core 4MB 320 1.4GHz/2.3GHz 400MHz HD 6520G 35W 1333MHz/1333MHZ
A6-3410MX Quad-core 4MB 320 1.6GHz/2.3GHz 400MHz HD 6520G 45W 1600MHz/1333MHz
A8-3500M Quad-core 4MB 400 1.5GHz/2.4GHz 444MHz HD 6620G 35W 1333MHz/1333MHZ
A8-3510MX Quad-core 4MB 400 1.8GHz/2.5GHz 444MHz HD 6620G 45W 1600MHz/1333MHz
A8-3530MX Quad-core 4MB 400 1.9GHz/2.6GHz 444MHz HD 6620G 45W 1600MHz/1333MHz



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