XPAND 3D Infinity 3D Cinema Glasses

XPAND 3D logo

XPAND 3D logo

XPAND 3D, at the CineEurope 2011, introduces its new Infinity 3D Cinema Glasses that “offer pristine cinema image quality and long-lasting comfort”. The new glasses offer 2000:1 contrast ratio and greater transparency, which translates to an improved brightness of 37 percent over the previous models.

The stylish Infinity 3D has ergonomic design and weighs just 56g, making them comfortable to wear, even for long period of time. It comes with three nosepieces and are available in red and black. The glasses are powered by a replaceable CR2032 coin battery, with a life of 300 hours in Triple Flash mode. They can also be equipped with optional RFID tags for anti-theft, allowing theater owners to track and monitor each pair of glasses.



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