Pioneer S-MM301 USB-powered Speakers and S-MM751RU 2.1-Channel Computer Speaker System

Pioneer S-MM751RU 2.1-Channel Computer Speaker System
Pioneer S-MM301 USB-powered Speakers

Pioneer S-MM301

Pioneer introduces two new speaker sytems, the USB-powered 2.0-channel S-MM301 and the 2.1-channel S-MM751RU, designed for for music lovers who want a higher level audio experience from their computer, whether it’s from a laptop, or a home computer.

The S-MM301 is a USB-powered 2.0-channel speaker that gets it power via USB port, eliminating the need for a bulky, separate AC adapter. It features triple coil drivers to deliver big and dynamic sound, and built-in audio controls including a volume up and down button and mute button for convenient plug-and-play use. You can also find metal grills to help protect the drivers from damage during travel.

Pioneer S-MM751RU 2.1-Channel Computer Speaker System

Pioneer S-MM751RU

The S-MM751RU, on the other hand, is a 2.1-channel speaker system that delivers a full-spectrum audio experience with its integrated satellite speakers and subwoofer enclosure. It utilizes the MAXX Bass Dynamic Sound with DSP Bass Enhancement to increase dynamic range, resulting in a rich and enjoyable listening experience. The system includes a unique hockey puck-shaped controller that features a volume knob and playback controls (play/pause/rewind/forward), as well as SD card slot, USB port and line-in audio input for music playback from other sources.

The Pioneer S-MM301 is available for $49 and the S-MM751RU for $129.



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