OCZ Z-Drive R4 PCI-E Enterprise SSD with 2800MB/s Speeds

OCZ Z-Drive R4 R Series PCI-Express SSD
OCZ Z-Drive R4 C Series PCI-Express SSD

OCZ Z-Drive R4 C Series


OCZ Technology expands its Z-Drive PCIe SSD line with the new R4 (Revision 4) series storage solutions designed to dramatically accelerate enterprise applications and significantly reduce total cost of ownership in the data center. Using PCI Express (PCIe) interface, the R4 features OCZ’s second generation proprietary Virtualized Controller Architecture (VCA) 2.0, providing the utmost in performance, flexibility, durability and enhanced reliability features, allowing data centers, for the first time, to rely on a PCIe-based SSD as their primary tier one storage solution.

The VCA 2.0 is a multifaceted virtualization layer and interfaces with the OCZ SuperScale Storage Controller which combines processing and full DMA (direct memory access) cores, as well as internal PCIe, SATA and SAS physical interfaces. The Z-Drive R4 offers up to 2800MB/s read and write speeds and over 500,000 input-output operations per second (IOPS). It can even provide 5600MB/s transfer and 1.2 million IOPS performance with dual SuperScale controller cards.

OCZ Z-Drive R4 R Series PCI-Express SSD

OCZ Z-Drive R4 R Series


The Z-Drive R4 is available in a half height version designed for space constrained 1U servers and multi-node rackmount servers, and a full height version; both supporting MLC and SLC NAND flash memory. The series is further divided into C models and R models, with C models includes Power Fail Protection with DataWrite Assurance Technology. All models support 128-bit & 256-bit AES encryption, TRIM/SCSI unmap, SMART, and ECC recovery.


Z-Drive R4 C Series

  • CM84 300GB: ZD4CM84-HH-300G (Half Height)
  • CM84 600GB: ZD4CM84-HH-600G (Half Height)
  • CM84 1.2TB: ZD4CM84-HH-1.2T (Half Height)
  • CM88 800GB: ZD4CM88-FH-800G (Full Height)
  • CM88 1.6TB: ZD4CM88-FH-1.6T (Full Height)
  • CM88 3.2TB: ZD4CM88-FH-3.2T (Full Height)

Z-Drive R4 R Series

  • RM84 300GB: ZD4RM84-HH-300G (Half Height)
  • RM84 600GB: ZD4RM84-HH-600G (Half Height)
  • RM84 1.2TB: ZD4RM84-HH-1.2T (Half Height)
  • RM88 800GB: ZD4RM88-FH-800G (Full Height)
  • RM88 1.6TB: ZD4RM88-FH-1.6T (Full Height)
  • RM88 3.2TB: ZD4RM88-FH-3.2T (Full Height)

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