Sharp Elite LED LCD HDTVs Announced

Sharp Elite LED LCD HDTVs

Sharp Elite LED LCD HDTVs

Sharp and Pioneer have partnered to revive the Elite brand, introducing the new Elite LED LCD TVs. Sharp will be making the TVs and Pioneer license the Elite brand and logo. Available in 60-inch (PRO-60X5FD) and 70-inch (PRO-70X5FD) screen sizes, the Elite TVs are designed to provide the highest caliber picture quality and technology available.

Sharp Elite LED LCD HDTVs bezel

The Elite LED LCD HDTVs feature the RGB+Y technology, like Sharp’s own Quattron, adding a yellow sub-pixel to the standard red/green/blue color palette to produce a much broader range of color and creates higher brightness using less power and more accurately depicts vivid yellows and vibrant golds. RGB+Y technology makes possible Precision Color Plus, four sub-pixels composed of smaller dots, creating more than 8 million dots per screen for a much smoother, more appealing detailed image. The Elite TVs also includes Intelligent Variable Contrast technology that works with all of the other Elite technologies to automatically control brightness and backlight to create depth of color, brilliance, detail and dark areas. You can also expect Full Array LED backlight with Local Dimming, and FluidMotion for 240Hz smooth motion.

Sharp Elite LED LCD HDTVs right


The Elite HDTVs are 3D-capable and comes with two sets of active shutter 3-D glasses. They are THX, THX 3D Display and ISF certified. The PRO-60X5FD and PRO-70X5FD both have built-in WiFi connectivity and supports video streaming services such as Netflix, VUDU and CinemaNow. The former is priced at $5999.99 and the latter at $8499,99.

Sharp Elite LED LCD HDTVs left



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