Pioneer DJM-250 Entry-level DJ Mixer

Pioneer DJM-250 Entry-level DJ Mixer

Pioneer DJM-250 Entry-level DJ Mixer

Pioneer introduces the new DJM-250 2-channel entry-level DK mixer that make it easy for consumers to create their own music mix. Designed for the beginner DJ, the compact DJM-250 features industry-first 2-channel filter effects, eight different inputs and XLR balanced outputs.

The DJM0-250 features the Sound Color Filter function. By simply turning the integrated large knob, filter effects can be adjusted enabling dynamic and intuitive song arranging. Different colors and blinking lights on the knob visually indicate the filter mode of the mixer. It offers eight different inputs including four DJ multi-player and analog turntable inputs, three auxiliary (AUX) inputs, and one microphone (MIC) input; and has XLR Balanced outputs that minimize degradation of audio signals.

The Pioneer DJM-250 is compatible with 48 kHz/24-bit full digital processing for sound quality. Each channel equipped with a 3-band isolator type equalizer to allow a wide level of control. You can also find Fader Start Play function, Peak level meter, and Cross Faer Curve Adjust function. There are rack mount ears for installation into a DJ table or DJ rack.

Available in black and white, the Pioneer DJM-250 will be available latter this year/early next year for $399.



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