Powerbag Mobile Charging Systems

Powerbag Mobile Charging Systems

RFA Brands introduces the Powerbay, a collection of backpacks, messenger bags, briefcases that charge mobile devices right in the bag. Every Powerbag integrated a lightweight, rechargeable and removable battery for “charge on the go” capability. There are pre-routed connectors (1 micro, 1 mini, 1 Apple) and one USB port inside every Powerbag for charging up to four mobile devices at a time.
Powerbag Mobile Charging Systems

Plug your Powerbag into any standard wall outlet with the included AC adapter to recharge the internal battery, and when plugged in, Powerbag will charge all connected devices first and then charge its own battery.

2012 Powerbag Collections:

  • Urban Collection – For the young urbanite, these sleek bags accommodate everything for an on- the-go digital lifestyle, including special pockets for your tablet, cellphone and MP3 player. The collection will feature the Underground Backpack, Crosstown Messenger, and Rebel Backpack.
  • Executive Collection – For the professional that values form and function, these bags are equipped with the latest in traveler conveniences like the TSA-friendly “Fly Flat” feature as well as a larger battery for extended use. This collection will host the Business Class Pack backpack, the Instant Messenger, Rolling Office and Business Class Case.
  • Fūl Collection – Fūl designs stylish bags that appeal to a diverse set of shoppers and lifestyles from students to seasoned business professionals on-the-go. These bags house the ultimate charging system disguised as the coolest bag you’ll ever use. Bags in this collection include the Deluxe Backpack, Backpack, Sling, Tablet Messenger, Messenger and Wheeled Briefcase.

The Powerbag starts at $139.99.


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