Pioneer STEEZ EFFECTS, 808 and DUBSTEP Headphones

Pioneer 808 SE-MJ7511 headphones
Pioneer EFFECTS SE-MJ7211 Headphones

Pioneer EFFECTS SE-MJ7211

Pioneer launches three new STEEZ branded headphones, including the EFFECTS (model: SE-MJ7211), 808 (model: SE-MJ7511), and DUBSTEP (model: SE-D10MT). All of them have in-line microphone for phone calls and control buttons for answer/end. The EFFECTS and 808 also adds music control buttons.

The STEEZ EFFECTS features a streamlined design and comes in black, white, red and brown colors. It is equipped with 40mm sound drivers and is tuned to produce low frequencies for music with more bass. The EFFECTS SE-MJ7211 has an adjustable headband and plush ear pads for a long-lasting comfortable fit.

Pioneer 808 SE-MJ7511 headphones

Pioneer 808 SE-MJ7511

The STEEZ 808 has the same style as the EFFECTS and adds a high gloss black finish. It features a dual driver design for enhanced audio performance. The name 808 comes from street slang “the sound of bass” and delivers increased low bass performance from its dedicated 40mm drivers. It is also equipped with a second set of 30mm drivers for clear, dynamic audio reproduction of mid and high frequencies. There is a Bass Control Dial on the earcup to adjust bass levels on the fly.

Pioneer DUBSTEP SE-D10MT headphones


Lastly, the DUBSTEP SE-D10MT is modeled around the look and feel of DJ style headphones and has a compact folding design. It is available in black and pure white colors; with black version comes with interchangeable green and orange ear pads, and the white model gets blue and pink options. The DUBSTEP sports large 40mm drivers and a padded and adjustable headband for a comfortable fit.

Pioneer’s STEEZ EFFECTS and STEEZ 808 headphones will come in May for $69.99 and $129.99, respectively. The DUBSTEP is available for $99.99.

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