Sony RDP-XF300iP and RDP-X200iP iPad Speaker Docks with Bluetooth

Sony RDP-X200iP iPad Speaker Dock with Bluetooth
Sony RDP-XF300iP iPad speaker with bluetooth

Sony RDP-XF300iP

Sony launches two new speaker docks compatible with iPad, the DP-XF300iP and RDP-X200iP. Both models support Bluetooth connectivity for wireless music streaming. These speakers docks features powerful digital amplifiers and two-way speaker systems, delivering 40-watt of output. With flexible docking mechanisms, they can accommodate iPod, iPhone as well as iPad without removal from their carrying case.

Sony RDP-X200iP iPad Speaker Dock with Bluetooth

Sony RDP-X200iP

The RDP-XF300iP comes with built-in FM tuner and an organic LED display, and includes a multi-mode graphic equalizer for sound customization. The speaker dock also comes with built-in rechargeable battery, and retractable flexible dock, making it truly portable. On the other hand, the RDP-X200iP features MEGA BASS for enhanced low-frequency bass performance. Both speaker docks come with remote control.

The Sony RDP-XF300iP and RDP-X200iP are priced at $249 and $199, respectively.

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