Logitech Keyboard K120-TAA and Mouse B100-TAA, B120-TAA are TAA-compliant

Logitech Mouse B100-TAA, B120-TAA TAA-compliant mice
Logitech Keyboard K120-TAA TAA-compliant keyboard

Logitech Keyboard K120-TAA

Logitech launches its line of TAA-compliant products, including the Keyboard K120-TAA, B100-TAA and B120-TAA mice, and Desktop MK120-TAA keyboard/mouse combo. All these are designed for U.S. federal agencies covered by the Trade Agreements Act, which federal agencies to purchase products, including computer peripherals, that are made in the United States or other designated countries. Logitech’s TAA-compliant products are made in Taiwan.

The Logitech Keyboard K120-TAA has a slim profile and spill-resistant corded USB design. It has low-profile keys in a full-size keyboard layout. The price is $19.99.

Logitech Mouse B100-TAA, B120-TAA TAA-compliant mice

Logitech B100-TAA and B120-TAA TAA-compliant mice

The B100-TAA and B120-TAA mice both have high-definition optical tracking for precise tracking. Their full-size, ambidextrous shape are designed to feel good in both hands. The former comes with a corded USB connector while the latter adds a orded PS/2 connector in addition to USB. The prices are $14.99 and $19.99, respectively.

Lastly, the Desktop MK120-TAA is basically a keyboard/combo that includes the K120-TAA keyboard and the B100-TAA mouse.



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