Panasonic PLUGTHA-54 Core i5 Plug-In PC for Digital Signage

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Panasonic introduces the PLUGTHA-54 Plug-In PC for its own professional displays and SLOT 2.0 architecture. Designed to create an ‘all in one’ digital signage solution, Panasonic’s new Plug-in PC is compatible with all major digital signage software platforms with multiple zones of content. It is easy to install, configure and maintain, and can slide into the SLOT 2.0 architecture built into any Panasonic professional LF Series LCD or PF Series plasma displays.

The PLUGTHA-54 is powered by Intel’s Core i5 processor and comes with 320GB hard drive. It includes built-in Ethernet and WiFi connectivity and offers HDMI output for a second display/projector. The Plug-in PC is capable of running both large and small 24/7/365 digital signage networks.

The Panasonic PLUGTHA-54 Plug-in PC is priced at $1500.



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