Sony ICD-UX523 Digital Voice Recorder with integrated USB Connector

Sony ICD-UX523 Digital Voice Recorder pc connection

Sony ICD-UX523 Digital Voice Recorder

Sony releases the ICD-UX523, a Direct Connect digital voice recorder with built-in sliding USB connector for cable-less connection to a computer. With Direct Connect USB connector, 4GB internal memory and a microSD/SDHC card slot, the ICD-UX523 is not just a voice recorder or music player, it can also be a USB flash drive or a microSD/SDHC card reader.

The Sony ICD-UX523 features corner-mounted stereo microphones and features S-Microphone System for  high sensitivity with less noise. It also include Intelligent Noise Cut to boost clarity of human voice for clear, natural voice and reduce background noise. The voice recorder can record in Linear PCM, MP3 (192/160/128/48/8 kbps) format, Using the Scene Select function, users can switch between six recording scene modes (“Meeting”, ”Voice Notes”, “Interview, “Lecture “,”Audio IN”, “My Scene”) easily for optimal recording settings. As for playback, the device supports MP3, WMA and AAC files. There is also Digital Pitch Control that enables the recording to be played at a faster or slower rate without changing the pitch.

Sony ICD-UX523 Digital Voice Recorder top

The ICD-UX523 comes with a backlit display. It has a mic jack for connecting an external microphone or audio device, and an earphone jack. It is optimized and validated by Nuance to work with the Voice to Print Dragon NaturallySpeaking software. Sound Organizer for PC software is included with the recorder to easy transferring recordings to PC and editing recordings. Priced at $79.99, the Sony ICD-UX523 comes in silver, black and gold.

Sony ICD-UX523 Digital Voice Recorder sides

Sony ICD-UX523 Digital Voice Recorder pc connection



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