Logic3 Scuderia Ferrari and Ferrari Cavallino Headphones

Logic3 Scuderia Ferrari P200

Ferrari and Logic3 have teamed up to launch a range of audio products, including the Scuderia Ferrari and Ferrari Cavallino collections of headphones/earphones. The former, according to Logic3, is “inspired by the competition, speed, and technological innovation of the F1 team”; and the latter by the “emotive driving experience of Ferrari’s timeless GT road cars.”

Logic3 Scuderia Ferrari R200 Headphone

Logic3 Scuderia Ferrari R200

All the headphones/earphones have the Ferrari logo, with the Scuderia collection gets the full shield-shaped logo, and the Cavallino line has silver cavallino rampante horse symbol. The Scuderia line has a sleek design and mirrors Ferrari’s F1 styling, while the Cavallino range focuses on fine materials and details.

The Scuderia R200 is the only over-ear models in the whole Ferrari by Logic3 lineup. It is available in silver and white and costs GBP199. The Scuderia P200 and and Cavallino T250 are on-ear headphones priced at GBP199 and GBP229, respectively.

The R100/R100i and S100/S100i from Scuderia line, and the T150/T150i and G150/G150i from Cavallino range all are earphones with Acoustic Thin Film (TFAT) and noise isolating technology for delivering high-quality sound. The models with letter ‘i’ gets an in-line remote control for Apple iOS devices. They are priced at GBP119, GBP99, GBP149 and GBP129, respectively.

Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T250 Headphones headphones

Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T250

Logic3 Scuderia Ferrari S100i S100

Logic3 Scuderia Ferrari R100 R100i

Logic3 Ferrari Cavallino T150 T150i

Logic3 Scuderia Ferrari S100i S100

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