Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse and Wedge Mobile Keyboard

Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse for Windows 8

Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse for Windows 8

As Windows 8 is coming, Microsoft introduces the Wedge Touch Mouse and Wedge Mobile Keyboard designed for the new operating system. Intended for mobile users, both of them are compact and easy to carry. The former has a minimalist design and is ultra compact, small enough to fit in your pocket. The keyboard is super slim and lightweight yet provides full-sized keys for comfortable typing. Both of them

The Wedge Touch Mouse, Microsoft’s smallest mouse, uses Bluetooth technology for use with Bluetooth-enabled tablets or laptops, including Windows 8 and Android devices. It utilizes BlueTrack Technology that allows you to use it on virutally any sruface. Its sleek touch surface allows you to scroll vertically and horizontally. The mouse has an ambidextrous design that makes it comfortable to use on both right and left hands. It needs one AA alkaline battery to operate and features the Backpack Mode to power down and sleep along with the computer it’s paired to, extending battery life.

The thin and lightweight Wedge Mobile Keyboard is designed for on-the-go users and features full-sized, soft-touch keyset to provide comfortable, efficient typing experience. It comes with a durable keyboard cover, that, in addition to protect keyboard from scratches, can also convert into a tablet stand, allowing you to work or watch movies. The keyboard has Windows 8 hotkeys and media buttons. It works with Bluetooth-enabled laptops and tablets, including Windows 7, Mac OS X and Android devices. Two AAA alkaline batteries power the keyboard.

The Wedge Touch Mouse and Wedge Mobile Keyboard are priced at $69.95 and $79.95, respectively.

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