Plextor M5 Pro High-speed SSD does 94,000 IOPS and 540MB/s Read

Following the M5S series, Plextor introduces the new M5 Pro series high-performance professional-grade solid state drives. The new drive utilizes Marvell’s 88SS9187 Monet controller to deliver high read/write speeds and handle extreme high loads, as well as data protection.

The M5 Pro offers up to 540MB/s read and 450MB/s write speeds, and random read/write speeds of up to 94,000/86,000 IOPS. It also includes the True Speed Technology to prevent the drastic performance drop seen in some SSDs after intense or long-term usage. Thanks to the 128-bit error correction system built into Marvell’s controller, the SSD can automatically check and correct the accuracy of data being read from the flash memory. The controller also comes with US Government AES-validated hardware to provide 256-bit full-drive encryption.

The 2.5-inch M5 Pro is available in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB capacities, which get 256MB, 512MB  and 768MB of DRAM cache respectively. Plextor’s SSD uses SATA III 6Gbps interface and comes with a 3.5-inch bracket for install to a desktop PC, and Cloning and Backup Utility.

[Plextor 1|2]


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