Scosche REALM RH656 and RH600 Series On-ear Reference Headphones

Scosche REALM RH656 On-ear Reference Headphones headband

Scosche introduces four new REALM on-ear reference-grade headphones, including the RH656md (black) and RH656m (white) with in-line remote control, and the RH600bk (black) and RH600w (white). All of them sport 40mm sound drivers featuring copper voice coils and rare earth neodymium magnets to deliver accurate music reproduction. There is ported sound chamber to provide air space needed for optimal component performance.

Scosche‘s new REALM headphones features adjustable headband and 2 axis gimbal system to a comfortable fit. They also get viscoelastic memory foam that softens in reaction to your body heat, allowing it to conform to your unique ear shape. While the RH600 is for use with any audio devices with 3.5mm jack, the RH656 is intended for Apple’s portable products such as iPod nano, iPhone and iPad, and comes with in-line tapLINE III Control and Mic for music control, hands-free call and activating voice control or Siri.

The REALM RH656 is priced at $129.99 while the RH600, without in-line control, is cheaper at $99.99.

Scosche RH600 Series On-ear Reference Headphones white

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