Nikon UT-1 Communication Unit for DSLRs

Nikon UT-1 Communication Unit for DSLR

Nikon UT-1 Communication Unit for DSLR

Nikon introduces the UT-1 Communicatio Unit adapter that enables image transfer and remote camera control when connected via Ethernet cable. It works with Nikon’s D4, D800/D800E and D7000. Simply attach the UT-1 to the DSLR and connect it to Ethernet network, you can then transfer images directly from the camera to a computer or FTP server. With the adapter, images will be automatically transferred as they are captured, and data already on memory card can be saved to a computer or FTP server.

The UT-1 adapter also allows remote control of the camera. Using the Camera Control Pro 2 software, you can specify and adjust not only basic shooting settings like exposure mode, shutter speed and aperture setting, but also adjust white balance, use live view and even record video remotely. Nikon’s Communication Unit mounts on the camera’s accessory shoe and in case the hot shoe is occupied, users can mount the DSLR and UT1 on a tripod using the optional SK-7 bracket for smooth handling.

Nikon UT-1 Communication Unit for DSLR with Wireless Transmitter WT-5a

Nikon UT-1 with Wireless Transmitter WT-5a

The UT-1 is wireless-ready that you can use its networking functions over wireless networks. By adding optional Wireless Transmitter WT-5a, you can then do wireless remote control and image transfer. The UT1 Communication Unit will be released in October for $470, and the UT-1 set with WT-5a bundle will be price at $1299.



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