3M Touchscreen Stylus and Extendable Touchscreen Stylus

3M Extendable Touchscreen Stylus

3M Touchscreen Stylus

3M introduces the Touchscreen Stylus and Extendable Touchscreen Stylus for users who want to draw and write on their mobile devices. Designed to provide users precise touch and interaction with touch display, 3M’s styluses work with all kinds of touchscreen displays. Their narrow tip offers accurate and pinpoint touch experience.

3M Extendable Touchscreen Stylus

The 3M Touchscreen Stylus is about 5-inch in length and comes with a 6.9mm tip. It is ideal for working professionals and creative types looking to use writing, painting and drawing applications while on the job. On the other hand, the 3M Extendable Touchscreen Stylus is perfect for on-the-go use thanks to its compact design. It extends to four-inches to rest comfortably in the hand and has a 5.9mm tip for precision touch. Its tethered cord easily attaches to the speaker jack on most devices.

The Touchscreen Stylus, priced at $14.99, comes in black, grey, silver and pink, while the extendable version is available in silver, pink, navy and black for $19.99.



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