Blue Microphone Spark Digital Studio-grade Condenser Microphone works with iPad



Blue Microphone releases the Spark Digital, the world’s first studio-grade condenser microphone with both USB and iPad connectivity.The new microphone packs the company’s studio-grade condenser capsule and hand-tuned electronic components. It also features Focus Control, providing two different sonic options in one mic at the push of a button, and has a headphone jack for zero-latency real-time monitoring.

The Spark Digital works with PC and Mac via USB and iPad via 30-pin dock connector, with no drivers needed. It works with GarageBand and comes with Cloud Production Bundle for audio back-up and sharing online. The studio-grade microphone has onboard control for volume, gain and instant mute, and LED meter to provide visual feedback.

Blue Microphone’s Spark Digital is now available for $199.95 from Apple Store.

[Blue Microphone]


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