Huawei Ascend mate 6.1-inch 1080p Phablet confirmed by Huawei Executive

Huawei Ascend mate 6.1-inch Full HD Phablet

Yu Chengdong, Senior Vice President of Huawei, has confirmed that a large-screen phablet is coming soon to challenge Samsung’s Galaxy Note II. As stated on his Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter), Huawei is going to release an over-sized smartphone early next year, which we believe is referring to the Ascend mate.

Huawei Ascend mate 6.1-inch Full HD Phablet

As you may notice, the Weibo update is sent using Samsung’s Note II. As Yu said, he is using both Huawei’s upcoming product and the Note II to compare the user experience, so as to bring better overall performance and user experience to the device. He adds that the Ascend mate will have cool-er industrial design, more stunning display (likely 6.1-inch Full HD touchscreen), slimmer bezel, more powerful hardware, better grip, and longer battery life. He even suggested consumers who are looking to buy large-screen smartphone to wait for a better yet less expensive product.

Huawei Executive yu chengdong weibo huawei ascend mate



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