Belkin WeMo Light Switch Unveiled

Belkin WeMo Light Switch

Belkin adds to its WeMo line the new WeMo Light Switch. As you may know, Belkin’s WeMo range allows users to create WiFi-connected remote home control system easily. And the new WeMo Light Switch is an Internet-connected light switch that lets users remotely control wired household lighting from anywhere.

Belkin WeMo Light Switch

The WeMo Light Switch replaces an existing light switch and connects into your home’s existing electrical wiring. It connected to your WiFi network and allows you to control your home wired lights from iOS device. The WeMo switch works like an standard physical light switch that you can turn light on and off manually, and allows users to turn on and off the light from anywhere using the free WeMo app from your Internet-connected iOS smartphones and tablets. You may also set schedule so the lights will turn on or off automatically.

Other than iOS device, Belkin is also bringing Android compatibility to WeMo family of products later this year. The WeMo Light Switch will be available in Summer 2013 with Android compatibility.



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