Super Talent mSATA 3 SSD

Super Talent mSATA 3 SSD

Super Talent launches the new mSATA 3 solid state drives designed for users to upgrade their portable devices. Using mSATA MO-300B  form factor, the drive can be installed into tablets and netbooks. Despite its small body, the drive provides a fast read and write performance, increasing the storage space as well as performance of your tablet or netbook.

Super Talent mSATA 3 SSD

The MLC-based mSATA 3 utilizes SandForce’s controller and uses SATA III interface, mini PCIe connector and is backwards compatible with SATA I/II. It features up to 550MB/s read and 500MB/s write speeds, and is available in 30GB-120GB capacities. Other than the mSATA 3, Super Talent also offers the mSATA 2 with SATA II interface and 280MB/s read, 255MB/s write speeds.

mSATA 3 Models:

SG30N73SM – 30GB Async MLC
SG30R73SM – 30GB Sync MLC
SG60N83SM – 60GB Async MLC
SG60R83SM – 64GB Sync MLC
SG12R93SM – 120GB Sync MLC

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