Asus PCE-AC66 and USB-AC53 WiFi 802.11ac Adapters

Asus PCE-AC66 PCI-Express WiFi 802.11ac adapter

Asus showcased two WiFi 802.11ac wireless adapters for the next generation WiFi technology. The PCE-AC66 is the world’s first dual-band PCI-Express 802.11ac adapter, while the USB-AC53 is a compact adapter using USB connection intended to bring 802.11 ac connectivity to more devices. Both of them utilize Broadcom’s 802.11ac chipset to deliver an optimized performance up to three times faster than 802.11n, at up to 1.3Gbps on 5GHz frequency.

Asus PCE-AC66 PCI-Express WiFi 802.11ac adapter

Asus PCE-AC66

The PCE-AC66 uses PCI-Express interface that allows for instant wireless upgrade to desktop PCs. It includes hardware signal amplification to offer up to 150% the coverage of 802.11n adapters for serving a larger space. It can be used as an adapter or client with selectable dual 2.4GHz/5GHz bands, and comes three detachable antennas with a magnetized antenna base for flexible and optimized placement. For enhanced cooling, the adapter has an aluminum heatsink.

Asus USB-AC53 USB WiFi 802.11ac Adapter

Asus USB-AC53

The USB-AC53, on the other hand, is a USB WiFi adapter with dual-band support and twin antennas designed for upgrading wireless capability of notebook. It supports up to 867Mbps on the 5GHz frequency and 300Mbps via 2.4GHz. A cradle is included for vertical and horizontal placement and a attachment clip allows you to hook it to a notebook. Also in the package is a USB extension that allows users to place the adapter in the location wit best reception. The AC53 features an elegant Black Diamond design seen on Asus’ other high-end networking products.



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