iTwin Connect are USB Sticks that Secure Your Network Connection

iTwin Connect secure network connection

If you have good memory, you may remember iTwin has built an invisible cable for file sharing back in 2009. Not just file sharing, the company is back with the new iTwin Connect for users to “browse the web privately and without restriction from anywhere in the world.” It allows travelers and business users to access blocked or geo-restricted sites and services, and access the Internet from untrusted computer or network or WiFi hotspot without worrying about their online privacy. Well, it may be also useful for employees who want to access sites blocked by company network.

iTwin Connect secure network connection

The iTwin Connect’s Teleport Me provides users protected and unrestricted access to the Internet. By creating a private VPN tunnel, all traffic is direct to users’ own PC and their home/office Internet connection are used for accessing the web. When the VPN connection is created, users can also use Windows Remote Desktop for controlling home/office PC and access files remotely. Alternatively, you may also direct traffic to iTwin’s dedicated servers in US, Europe and Asia Pacific for secure connection. All connections and data are encrypted and protected with hardware-grade security and two-factor authentication.

Consisting of two identical halves (USB sticks), the Connect is easy to install and use with zero-configuration. You simply plug the device into your home or office PC, and detach one half of it that is now the key. To browse the web privately on the go, you need to carry the key along. When you need to browse the web, just plug the key into another computer, say a public PC in an Airport or a laptop connected to a public WiFi network, a secure VPN tunnel with be created instantly to the home/office PC so you can browse privately and securely.

iTwin’s Connect is available for $129.

iTwin Connect secure network connection 1


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