Logitech launches new G Gaming Line, gets four mice, two keyboards and two headsets

Logitech G19s gaming keyboard

Renewing its commitment to PC gaming, Logitech announced the new G line of PC gaming peripherals and accessories. The new range includes four redesigned mice, two new keyboards and two new headsets. For improved durability, new G mice adds fingerprint-resistant coatings to heavy contact zones and a hydrophobic coating to palm area to help keep hands from sticking. The new keyboards also gets double UV coating on the keys for extra durability and a fingerprint-resistant coating on the faceplate.

Logitech G700s Rechargeable gaming mouse

Logitech G700s

The G700s is the top models in the new gaming mice range. It is a rechargeable wireless gaming mouse that claimed to offer report rate of a wired gaming mouse. The mouse connects to a PC over 2.4GHz wireless or via USB that will also recharge its built-in battery. The G700s has 13 programmable controls for you to program single action and complex macros. The price is $99.99.

The G500s is a laser gaming mouse for FPS gamers. It features a gaming-grade laser sensor and a super fast dual-mode scroll wheel. Using the two buttons sitting near user’s index finger, gamers can switch from 200dpi to 8200dpi easily. It has 10 programmable controls. The price is $69.99. Both G400s ($59.99) and G100s ($39.99) are optical gaming mice with Delta Zero sensor technology for high-accuracy cursor control. The former offers 400dpi – 4000dpi sensitivity and 8 programmable buttons.

Logitech G19s gaming keyboard

Logitech G19s

The G19s is a high-end gaming keyboard with an integrated adjustable GamePanel LCD display for showing stas, game-specific apps and information. It features custom color backlighting and allows users to set a specific color for every profile. The G19s features anti-ghosting over 26 keys and its 12 programmable G-keys can be configured with up to 36 different functions across three different modes with three macros per key. Two USB 2.0 ports can be used for data transfer and charging mobile devices. It is priced at $199.99. The $199.99 G510s also gets a GamePanel LCD display and custom color backlighting. It has 18 programmable for up to 54 different functions.

Logitech G430 surround sound gaming headset

Logitech G430

The Logitech G430 is a Surround Sound Gaming Headset powered by Dolby Headphones 7.1 sound technology 360-degree sound field, while the G230 is a stereo gaming headset with 40mm neodynium drivers. Both of them have a noise-cancelling microphone and the G430 adds in-line remote control. The prices are $79.99 and $59.99, respectively.



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