Sony X Headphone MDR-X05

Sony X Headphone MDR-X05 red black

Following the first X Headphone MDR-X10, Sony introduces its second X Headphone collaboration with Simon Cowell, the MDR-X05 built to deliver “killer sound reproduction in an aggressive, stylish design.” The X05 sports 40mm drivers high-energy neodymium magnets to deliver full-range audio experience.

Sony X Headphone MDR-X05 red black

The new X Headphones also feature a Direct-Vibe Structure with a tightly sealed acoustic design allows for a high level of sound isolation for enhanced reproduction of extended bass sound. It also comes with pressure-relieving memory foam ear pads that conforms to user’s unique ear shapes for effective acoustic seal and minimize sound leakage.

Sony X Headphone MDR-X05 red silver

The stylish X05 has a dual folding design that allows users to swivel the noise isolating ear pads for listening flexibility, and fold the headphones into an included sleek carrying case for portability. The included tangle-free cable has in-line Apple 3-button remote control with microphone, track and volume control functionality for users to access music and answer phone calls. The remote also works with Android devices for basic controls.

The X Headphone MDR-X05 is available in red/gray, red silver, white silver, silver/black and red/black colors. It is priced at $199.99.

Sony X Headphone MDR-X05 folded

Sony X Headphone MDR-X05 red

Sony X Headphone MDR-X05 on hand

Sony X Headphone MDR-X05 iphone

Sony X Headphone MDR-X05 color

Sony X Headphone MDR-X05 Direct Vibe

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