Canon REALiS WUX450, WUX400ST, WX520, and WX450ST Pro AV Compact Installation LCOS Projectors

Canon REALiS WUX450 Pro AV Compact Installation LCOS Projector

Canon expands its REALiS line with four new Pro AV compact installation LCOS projectors. The WUX450, WUX400ST, WX520, and WX450ST all are based on LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) display technology and utilizes Canon’s new AISYS 5.0 optical engine to deliver images with improved contrast, high brightness, precise color, deep black and reduced blur during fast-moving movie scenes.

Canon REALiS WX450ST Pro AV Compact Installation LCOS Projector

The WUX450 and WUX400ST both feature 1920×1200 resolution and 4500/4000 lumens brightness, while the WX520 and WX450ST can deliver 1440×900 images with 5200/4500 lumens. For installation flexibility, the WUX450 and WX520 come equipped with a Genuine Canon projection lens consistent fixed aperture of f/2.8 allowing for no light loss across its entire 1.8x zoom range, and the mechanical lens-shift feature that allows the projectors to be installed vertically, pointing up or downwards. On the other hand, the WUX400ST and WX450ST are short-throw models with a built-in 1.35x distortion-free zoom lens and a 0-75 percent vertical and ± 10 percent horizontal lens-shift adjustment feature. There is a special Picture-by-Picture Processor that allows for the simultaneous use of HDMI and DVI in split-screen mode.

Canon REALis WX520 LCOS installation projector

All these REALiS projectors support PC-less presentations to show JPEGs and other content directly from a USB storage device. All of them are Crestron RoomView-compatible. You can find DVI, HDMI, Component inputs and a 5-watt mono speaker.

The WUX450, WUX400ST, WX520 Pro AV LCOS projectors are priced at $5,499.00, $6,899.00, $4,999.00, respectively. All four models are also available in D versions that feature DICOM Simulation mode and 21-step grayscale gradation display capabilities designed to effectively project high-quality medical images, such as X-RAY, MRIs.

Canon REALiS WUX450 Pro AV Compact Installation LCOS Projector



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