Panasonic PB2 and PB1 Series Interactive Displays for Classroom and Broadroom

Panasonic Interactive Displays for Classroom and Broadroom

panasonic has four new interactive displays for increasing collaboration in classrooms and broadrooms. Available in 50-inch, 65-inch, 85-inch and the largest 103-inch screen sizes, these plasma displays all feature 1920×1080 Full HD resolution and comes with integrated whiteboard function that allows users to start drawing or writing without the need for a PC. Users can store written content in an USB storage device.
Panasonic Interactive Displays for Classroom and Broadroom
These interactive displays feature integrated pen-touch capabilities with an Electronic Pen System, which allows up to 4 pens to be used at the same time for actions such as writing, annotating, drawing and moving items. The system also includes a remote pointer function for users to point, draw and annotate from up to 16 feet away (85-inch and 103-inch models can do from up to 26 feet away). Users can add the Easy Wireless Stick (model: ET-UW100) for wireless connection with PC. They also support SLOT 2.0 architecture.

The 50-inch TH-50PB2U, 65-inch TH-65PB2, 85-inch TH-85PB1 and 103-inch TH-103PB1 are priced at $2000, $5000, $30,000 and $49,995, respectively.



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