Pure Jongo S3 Portable Wireless Speaker and A2 HiFi Adapter

Pure Jongo S3 Portable Wireless Speaker

Pure launches the Jongo S3 portable wireless speaker and A2 multiroom HiFi adapter, the first products in the company’s new Jongo multiroom music system. The speaker can be used standalone or you may group multiple Jongo speakers to build a flexible multiroom music system. It has built-in support for WiFi for music streaming over home network and comes with USB Bluetooth dongle for streaming music from smartphones or tablets.

Pure Jongo S3 Portable Wireless Speaker

The $199 portable Jongo sports four 2.5W Mylar 3/4-inch high frequency drivers and a 3.5-inch neodymium motor upward firing mid/bass drivers to deliver 360-degree sound. The built-in rechargeable battery provide 10 hours of play time and there is a 1-inch LCD display for showing settings and status. The speaker also provides 3.5mm jack.

Pure Jongo A2 HiFi Adapter

The $129.99 Jongo A2 is a multiroom HiFi adapter that makes it easy to integrate an existing HiFi product to the Jongo multiroom system. It packs a 24-bit internal DAC and offers optical and coaxial digital and dual (RCA) phono analog audio outputs.

Both Jongo products come in black or piano and you can get the optional user-fit speaker grills and clip on covers in orange, lime green, mango and white colors.



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